Official SS OU Suspect Process - Round 6 Voting

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Although not all of the users who have earned voting requisites have voted yet, their vote will not affect the outcome of the vote.

Eligible Voters: 136
Votes: 111

Do Not Unban: 84
Unban: 27
Do Not Unban % = 75.68%

50% pro-Do Not Unban majority is required for Cinderace to remain banned, and the outcome will not be changed by more votes. Thus, Cinderace will not be unbanned from OU. Tagging Marty and The Immortal to make the change on PS when they have the time (remove Cinderace from the gen8ou ladder); thanks!

Thank you to all who have voted. The thread will remain open for for one more day to allow those to vote and have their vote count towards the Tiering Contributor badge if they so please.
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